On Monday, three 17-year-olds in San Ramon, California snuck out of school to go to McDonald's.  But on their way, they saw smoke POURING out of the windows of a house.  (San Ramon is just outside San Francisco, by the way.)



So they pulled over their car, and a 71-year-old woman who was spraying the house with a hose told them her 94-year-old mother was still inside.  And without hesitating, all three of them ran in to SAVE HER.



The house was already filled with black smoke at that point, but they somehow managed to find the woman and pull her to safety.  And they also saved her 18-year-old DOG, which is deaf and partially blind.



Then afterward, they went back to class like nothing happened, and apparently REEKED of smoke.  And they got called to the principal's office for skipping.



But he decided to go easy on them after the woman's neighbor called and explained what happened.  So each of them just has to complete four hours of volunteer work, and they say they don't regret anything.



Meanwhile, the 94-year-old was treated for burns at a local hospital, and no one else was injured. (Mercury News / Yahoo)



(Check out photos of the boys, and a photo of them with the dog they saved here.)