We live in an era where people obsess about what's TRENDING.  And apparently that extends to criminals too.  Here's a list of the nine things the police say are the, quote, "trending hot items" to steal right now.



#9.)  Truck tailgates.  These are easy to take and make good money on Craigslist.


#8.)  Cloth napkins.


#7.)  Maple syrup.


#6.)  Paving stones.  Usually people steal these from construction sites . . . but sometimes they steal the stones right out of people's driveways.


#5.)  Hay.


#4.)  Gold teeth.  This mostly happens with employees stealing gold teeth from corpses at funeral homes.


#3.)  Human hair.


#2.)  Chicken wings.  The cost of chicken is going up, and bags of wings are popular to grab.


#1.)  Tide detergent.  Detergent is so expensive that it's worth it to steal . . . then sell it.



(NBC 4 - Albuquerque)