On Wednesday afternoon, sheriff's deputies went to a house in Castro Valley, California for a "probation compliance" check.  And they found that, no, 32-year-old Assif Mayar was NOT complying with his probation.



--Inside the house, police found 34 pounds of dried, processed marijuana.  But they couldn't get to it right away, because it was inside a Plexiglas tank . . . being guarded by an ALLIGATOR.



--The alligator was FIVE FEET long.  Assif told the cops the gator's name is Mr. Teeth . . . and Assif bought him in 1996, quote, "to commemorate the death of TUPAC SHAKUR."



--We're not exactly sure how buying a marijuana-guarding alligator and naming him Mr. Teeth honors Tupac.  Perhaps just pouring a little bit out of a 40 would've sufficed?  But I guess we all grieved for Tupac differently.



--Assif was arrested for possessing marijuana for sale.  Mr. Teeth was taken to the Oakland Zoo where he's being treated for some serious health problems.



(San Francisco Chronicle)