We're never on board with ANY form of domestic violence . . . but we're ALSO not on board with a guy who refuses to spend a little dough to give his wife a nice night out.



--On Tuesday, 46-year-old Jennifer Lee and her husband, 68-year-old Benjamin Lee, went out for some beers and wings in New Port Richey, Florida.



--After dinner, Jennifer thought it would be fun to keep the date night going.  They could play some MINI GOLF, then spend the night in a motel.  Unfortunately, Benjamin said he wasn't willing to spend the $100 or so that night would cost.



--So they started arguing in the car, and just as a cop was driving past, Jennifer SLAPPED Benjamin and pulled his hair.



--The cop pulled them over, and Jennifer was arrested for battery on a person older than 65.  Her bail was $250 . . . and since Benjamin OBVIOUSLY wasn't going to pay that, she ended up doing the full night in jail.



(Tampa Bay Times