Love can make women do crazy things.  But let's face it . . . some of them were just crazy to begin with.



There's a 26-year-old in London named Torz Reynolds, who recently got dumped by her 24-year-old boyfriend Stuart . . . supposedly because he was moving to Alaska for his dream job.  So she dropped him off at the airport and said a tearful goodbye. 



But a week later, she found out it was all an elaborate RUSE, and he WASN'T moving to Alaska . . . he was moving in with another WOMAN.



Also . . . Torz has about 16 facial piercings, and Stuart goes by the nickname "Chopper."  That'll help explain what happened next . . .



About a year ago, Torz got a tattoo on her forearm that said, "Chopper's [B-Word]."  And to get even with him for cheating . . . she spent an hour-and-a-half CUTTING IT OFF HER OWN ARM.



But believe it or not, that's NOT the craziest part.  Because after she sliced off about a one-inch-by-three-inch patch of her own skin, she filled a glass jar with plastic vampire teeth . . . wrapped the patch of skin AROUND it . . . and MAILED IT to him.



Torz says doing it gave her CLOSURE, and she only regrets not being there to see his face when he opened it.  



(Daily Mail)