Well this woman seems to have her priorities in order.



29-year-old Bobbey Jo Boucher is a STRIPPER at a club called Calendar Girls in Hudson, Florida.  (And yes, she has the same name as ADAM SANDLER'S character in "The Waterboy", Bobby Boucher.)



While Bobbey was at work on Wednesday afternoon . . . probably the WORST strip club shift by the way . . .  her 10-year-old daughter VANISHED from a family barbecue.  After four hours, the girl's grandma called the cops.



So the cops started looking for the girl, and called Bobbey at the club to find out if maybe her daughter went there looking for her.



And as the cop was asking Bobbey about her missing child, she cut him off and said, quote, "I have to get on stage."  Then she HUNG UP.



The cops eventually found the missing girl a few hours later.  And Bobbey was arrested for misdemeanor obstruction. 



(The Smoking Gun



(Here's her mugshot.)