Only an incredible pervert would be desperate to find out what the lovely ladies of a Walmart are hiding under their skirts on a random weekday night.  40-year-old Paul Senzee of Apopka, Florida is that pervert.



Paul went to Walmart in Sanford, Florida on Tuesday night with an elaborate camera setup to try to get some upskirt photos.



He cut a hole in his black dress shoe, put an iPod Touch in the shoe, and positioned the camera under the hole.  His plan was to get close to women in skirts, casually slide his food under them, and take a photo.



We're not sure if he had his camera recording the whole time, or if he was using his toe to try to take photos at the right time . . . but whatever his plan was, it all got blown up by one thing:  He wasn't very subtle.



The first time he tried to take a photo up a woman's skirt, she caught him and started yelling at him.  Security grabbed him, the cops came, found the camera in his shoe, and he was arrested for felony video voyeurism. 



(The Smoking Gun



(Here's his fantastic mugshot.)