57-year-old Kathleen Jardine is a high school math teacher at Poston Butte High School in San Tan Valley, Arizona.  But she still knows how to PARTY.



Kathleen went out drinking on Tuesday night, even though it was a school night . . . and didn't STOP.  She kept going strong all through the night, into Wednesday morning . . . then took a cab to school to teach.



She taught her morning classes, then kept on drinking during her lunch break.



It all finally caught up with her after lunch, when a few of her students went to the principal's office to report that she was DRUNK and YELLING at them.



A school security officer found Kathleen's classy alcohol stash in her classroom . . . a half-full bottle of cheap vodka, a small empty bottle of white wine, and half a bottle of Sunny D.  That's when she admitted to her all night bender.



The police cited her for consumption of alcohol in public . . . there's no word on whether the school plans on firing her.



But this won't help her case . . . turns out she was fired three years ago from a high school in New Mexico for being drunk while she taught. 



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(Here's a photo of Kathleen and her alcohol stash.)