Zombies are huge right now, so here's a little reminder:  Just like the child wizards and sexy vampires before them, they don't ACTUALLY EXIST.



44-year-old Joanne Waite is currently on trial in England, because of a family barbecue that turned ugly back in July.



Joanne's 69-year-old aunt, Eleanor Huddart, was hosting it.  And after all the other guests left, Eleanor and her husband got into a fight that apparently left Eleanor with blood on her face.  Around that same time, Joanne passed out drunk.



And when Joanne woke up later that night, she saw her Aunt Eleanor slowly pacing around . . . and started PUMMELING her because she thought she was a ZOMBIE.



Now, if this was all just a snap reaction from a drunk woman, MAYBE I'd understand.  But Joanne claims she was so convinced she was dealing with the living dead that she called her MOTHER and told her to call the COPS.



Apparently Aunt Eleanor was pretty hammered too, because she woke up the next morning with a bruised face and fractured eye socket, but had no idea how it happened.



So it's not clear if those injuries were caused by Joanne or Eleanor's husband, but Joanne's trial is still ongoing.  No word on whether or not the husband has been charged with a crime. 



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