Lady Gaga Stands By Black Community In Message About George Floyd's Death

Lady Gaga is the latest celebrity voicing their outrage over the death of George Floyd.

Gaga held nothing back Saturday night (May 30) when she took to social media with an emotionally-charged message concerning the national ire and civil unrest sparked by the killing of Floyd, the unarmed Black man in Minneapolis who died after being pinned down by his neck for roughly eight minutes by a state police officer who ignored his pleas that he could not breathe.

“I am as outraged by the death of George Floyd as I have been by the deaths of exponentially too many black lives over hundreds of years that have been taken from us in the country as a result of systemic racism and the corrupt system that support it,” the singer-songwriter wrote. “The voices of the black community have been silenced for too long and that silence has proven deadly time and time again. And no matter what they do to protest, they are still met with no compassion by the leaders that are meant to protect them. Everyday people in America are racist, that’s a fact.”

Elsewhere in her message, the "Born This Way" star also slammed Trump for inciting acts of racism, branding him a “racist” fool.

“We have known for a long time that President Trump has failed,” she continued. “He holds the most powerful office in the world, yet offers nothing but ignorance and prejudice while black lives continue to be taken. We have known he is a fool, and a racist, since he took office. He is fueling a system that is already rooted in racism, and racist activity, and we can all see what is happening. It’s time for a change.”

The Grammy winner concluded her passionate message urging privileged people everywhere to “show our love for the black community.” She added, “As a white, privileged woman, I take an oath to stand by that. We haven’t, as a privileged community, done enough to fight racism and stand up for those people who are being killed by it.”

Read Gaga’s entire message below.

Photo: Getty Images

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