Niall Horan Answering The Net's Questions About Him is Truly Delightful

While promoting his new single, “Nice To Meet Ya,” Niall Horan filmed a segment with WIRED where he answered the Internet's burning questions about himself and all 10 minutes and 20 seconds is just a delight!

On Friday (October 18), WIRED published their video segment with the musician, where he answered some of the Internet's most searched questions about himself. Is Niall Horan colorblind? Is Niall Horan a natural brunette? What's Niall Horan's blood type? What Does Niall Horan smell like? The 26-year-old answered all those questions and more.

Some of my personal favorite highlights from the segment includes the part where he gushes about Guinness beer — while maybe a known fact that he's straight up obsessed with it, the moment is precious. “I absolutely love Guinness. Yes, we are Irish and we live up to every single stereotype,” he said. ”Guinness is my favorite… sweet nectar, I don't even wanna talk about it, it gets me emotional.” 

Additionally, he basically CONFIRMED a tour is happening next year and I'm literally counting down until 2020 until I can see him live again.

And for all those Niall stans who are eager to meet him, Horan gave a few tips on the best places to bump into him: “Passing on the street, in a pub, gigs, meet and greets.” He also had a couple tricks on how to get noticed on Twitter. “As a question like the above [how is Niall Horan right now?], an everyday question. I'm a normal guy with an abnormal job,” he said. 

On that note, and maybe most importantly, he confessed at the end of the video it doesn't take much for him to fall for someone. Ladies, get in line.

The “Slow Hands” singer also recently stopped by iHeartRadio HQ to talk all things “Nice To Meet Ya” as well as dish about his upcoming sophomore album.

Niall is performing at this year's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in New York City, alongside a star-studded lineup. Fans will be able to watch the show on December 13th via an exclusive livestream on The CW App and The CW Network will also broadcast the event as a nationwide special on Thursday, December 19th at 8pm ET. Fans will also be able to listen to December 13th's festivities across the country on 100 iHeartRadio CHR stations.

Photo: YouTube/Wired