Anonymous Listener Shares Crazy Story How She Caught Her Husband Cheating

After Tanya Rad shared a trending report about happily married couple Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, a listener phoned in and shared with Ryan Seacrest the wild story of how she caught her husband of 17 years cheating — and why she stayed with him.

The anonymous caller shared that she put a tracker on his vehicle which at one point showed he was at a motel.

“At one point the tracker had stated they were at a motel which at that moment there was a facility across the way that potentially they could have been dining at so I convinced myself that’s what it was,” she shared. “But I told myself just call. So I called the motel and asked for their room specifically by name and they connected me.”

The caller continued that she brought up the motel to her spouse and he denied it, but she then went to the motel herself and pretended to have left something in the room which led to the truth coming out.

She emotionally added that after two years of counseling and ups and downs, she decided to stay in the marriage after a counselor told her “if you can make it through this, you will almost be grateful.”

Listen back to the audio above with Seacrest to hear the story and why she shared to always trust your gut.

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