Should Sisanie Get Her Baby Girl Aiza in Cheer? Join the Convo

What age do you start your kids in sports and activities? Sisanie is thinking about starting her daughter Aiza, almost 2, in cheer after getting inspired by Netflix's latest binge-worthy docuseries Cheer.

“I was inspired because I did watch it and … I did cheer growing up and I was OK and … I want to give her all the tools she may need if she wants to go in that direction,” Sisanie shared with Seacrest on-air on Tuesday, February 11. “… I’m just starting to think about it now; they’re going to be 2 soon and I think I want to get them in activities [like] soccer, dance, hip-hop.”

Sisanie added that Aiza seems to be interested and based on the pics and video Sisanie posted on social media, she has the skillset!

“We’re kind of practicing with her at home,” Sis explained. “She loves it so much. … I tagged the college [Navarro] saying to be ready for 2036 because that’s when Aiza will be 18,” Sisanie jokingly added.

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