*NEW* Coffee Break Ep.4: Talk to Me NICE!

"Words are like eggs dropped from great heights; you can no more call them back than ignore the mess they leave when they fall."

-Jodi Picoult

In Ep.4: Talk to me Nice, Karla and I talked about Chapter 4 &5 of the life-changing book Live Your Best Life and honestly this was the hardest one for me. After reading this chapter I realized the words that come out of your mouth say more about you than whatever you're speaking on. So what are your words saying?

I realized how much my words matter and how much weight they carry. Not only can they build or break others but they shape MY REALITY.

Life tested me just the other day on this. I received some great news from a relative about a person I no longer communicate with, and naturally I had a million and one sarcastic remarks to fire off, but I discovered my remarks came from a place of hurt. Instead, I stayed quiet, keeping my ugly comments to myself. It was an awkward silence but it was better than hurting my relative because of my own pain. Choose your words wisely, because once they are spoken they can only be forgiven; not forgotten.

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

In this next chapter, the author asks you to identify a part of your life that isn't going so well. It could be your job, your finances, your love life, whatever part it is describe how you feel about it. Then she asks you to sift through your past, do you see a pattern? Do you see how maybe some of the decisions you made contributed to your current situation? If so, how can you start taking responsibility of making decisions for this aspect of your life?

I feel like that's a lot to process, so lets get personal. My love life is a mess right now, I constantly feel like I give my everything and in return I only get half, if that. I feel empty, I feel needy and I feel the need to stick it out until I absolutely can't anymore. Now if I sift through my past I'll see that those same feelings occur with almost every relationship, so how am I contributing to these feelings? After some serious soul searching I concluded that in every relationship I have dismissed a CLEAR RED FLAG. Rather than holding on to my standards and letting go of men that don't measure up, I lower them to hold on to someone that is not meant for me. I'm responsible for my happiness and I need to stop allowing my emotions control my decisions.

Makes sense right?

Sadly this episode concludes the Coffee Break series but I would love for you to continue this journey we've started! I will be giving away Karla Cauldwell's book Live Your Best Life via instagram, here's how you can win:

Step 1: Follow @ayobiggirl @_lipstickandvodka @karlacauldwell

Step 2: Post a picture of YOUR daily affirmation

Step 3: Tag all 3 of us and use #ayobiggirl

The winner will be announced on my podcast & IG on Tuesday, February 19th!

Here's an example of my daily affirmation. I would seriously tell myself and other's there was nothing special about me and I was just regular. I vow to never speak those words over my life again! This is what I say now:

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