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"it's a conspiracy..." 

Brunch has never been more interesting! Join DJ Villa and I on the journey to find the answers and uncover the untold story of the Internets craziest conspiracies!

DJ Villa will be my partner in this new series and we'll be discussing everything from Aliens, to strange murders and perhaps the largest government scandal in America! This series podcast will be posted every Friday on the iHeartRadio App & iTunes Apple Podcast!

Ep:3 "Murder She Wrote"


Murder She Wrote:

In this episode of "it's a conspiracy..." DJ Villa turned down my offer of local Chinese food and went with a commercial fast food chain. SMH!


However, my noodles tasted like marijuana or old oil...so I think I'll stick with local places I've tried from now on!

Today's episode is all about celebrity deaths that conspiracy theorists flock over!

Forever 27:

We start the show with the infamous Club 27 and the myths that perhaps took the lives of these artists at the young age of 27. Which do you believe?

Is this the REAL Paul McCartney?

There's a rumor swirling around that this man is not Paul McCartney, because the REAL Paul died in a car accident!

Conspiracies Involving the mysterious murder of JFK & Marilyn Monroe:

Was it an affair gone wrong? Could it be the mob? The theories surrounding these two are endless!

Horrific Crash or Orchestrated Murder?

In 1936, King-Emperor Edward VIII proposed to marry Wallis Simpson, an American socialite who was divorced from her first husband and was pursuing the divorce of her second. The marriage was opposed by the governments of the United Kingdom because she was a divorcee. With this knowledge it leads us to believe Prince Charles orchestrated her Princess Diana's death so he could be with his true love Camilla.

Who shot Tupac, is he still alive?

So many theories surround the young rappers death and unanswered questions leave room for conspiracies to bloom. Who shot TUPAC? Between Biggie, Suge, Diddy, and the theories saying he's alive and well in Cuba, it's up for debate.

"Fake News" Celebrities rumored to have faked their deaths:

Tupac isn't the only celebrity people believe faked his death! Apparently, Michael Jackson did too. With all the overwhelming child abuse accusations, he wanted out. Princess Diana, Elvis, Jim Morrison, and Marilyn Monroe are also suspected of the scandal!


Coming Up:

Next Friday we'll be discussing some of the governments biggest lies on Ep4: Fool Me Once! What will be on the menu? Drop some suggestions on my instagram @ayobiggirl!

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