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"it's a conspiracy..." 

Brunch has never been more interesting! Join DJ Villa and I on the journey to find the answers and uncover the untold story of the Internets craziest conspiracies!

DJ Villa will be my partner in this new series and we'll be discussing everything from Aliens, to strange murders and perhaps the largest government scandal in America! This series podcast will be posted every Friday on the iHeartRadio App!

Ep:2 "Invaded"



In this episode of "it's a conspiracy..." I told DJ Villa we'd have pizza for the mukbang part of the episode...he was not thrilled when he arrived and I opened the box. 


Who needs pepperoni when you have bistek & Hot Cheetos? I loved it though, thats all that matters ;)

SO, do aliens exist and if they do, why is the government trying to hard to keep it a secret? It's an age old question that never has a clear answer, but listen as we miserably attempt to find one!


Taki Taki, Anunnaki:

There might be more to the story of the creation than we think. If you choose to believe this version, break out your sharpie, because all of the dots will be connected. 

Alien abductions or a bad dream?

Dating back to the 1960's aliens have been taking people from their cars/homes, shoving implants up their nose and taking sperm & egg samples back to their mother planet...or people have watched a little too much TV and are ALL experiencing the same type of sleep paralysis. Hmm... this one's tricky!


Smells like a COVER-UP:

Once you have the timeline in front of you, it's hard to believe this whole weather balloon story the government tried to force feed the people. Why would the governments military police need to pick up weather balloon debris? C'man.

Crop Circles or Circles of CRAP?

Have crop circles ALWAYS been a hoax? Cereologists seem to think there's more than one answer. Pranksters cant take credit for ALL crop circles but whether its a strange gust of wind, the devil himself, or aliens, its a topic definitely worth discussing!


Just another alien sighting, seen by thousands... NBD:

A more recent sighting of a "space-craft" sent Phoenix in a FRENZY but it was down-played in hopes people would shrug it off. Welp, no one's shrugging. We want answers!


Coming Up:

Next Friday we'll be discussing some mysterious murders and the conspiracies behind them! What will be on the menu? Drop some suggestions on my instagram @ayobiggirl!

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