Scott Wolf Tells Hilarious Story After Getting Mistaken for Michael J. Fox

Nope, that’s not Michael J. Fox 😂 Party of Five alum Scott Wolf stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Monday, November 4, and shared that yes, he gets mistaken for Michael J. Fox all the time.

“Historically, I’ve gotten a blend of if Michael J. Fox and Tom Cruise had a kid,” the CW Nancy Drew and Inside Game star said. “I think it’s mostly happened with Michael. I was getting a sandwich and the guy is like wrapping my sandwich up and he’s giving me these winks and nods like, ‘I know. Your secret’s safe with me. You’re good.’ And when he hands me my sandwich he’s like, ‘Family Ties is my all-time favorite.’ And I’m like, ‘That guy just met Michael J. Fox,’” Wolf hilariously recalled, adding that no, he doesn’t correct them. ”I walked down the street and he lived his best day.”

Jokes aside, Scott Wolf, 51, still looks like 15-year-old Party of Five character Bailey Salinger.

“I think I was 24 when I got [that role] which was a little controversial behind the scenes because I was playing a 15 year old and the casting director — at the time I was dating someone who had done a People magazine spread and I was ‘the boyfriend’ but they said how old I was, they announced I was 24 — and she came running out of the Fox casting office and she grabbed me … and was like, ‘How old are you? … Tell me the truth!’ … You only get one chance to make a first big impression and so I lucked out,” Wolf recalled of the iconic ‘90s series. “We all did. To wind up having our first here-we-are to be something so incredibly written … and something I’m proud of today.”

Party of Five followed the Salinger siblings Charlie (Matthew Fox), Julia (Neve Campbell), Bailey (Wolf), Claudia (Lacey Chabert) and baby Owen, who suffer a devastating loss when their parents are killed in a car accident. The series ran from 1994 to 2000.

“I went down a Party of Five rabbit hole the other day,” Wolf admitted. “It went onto Netflix [and] I hadn’t seen a frame of it in over a decade, maybe 15 years, and someone was like ‘Hey, you know your old show is on Netflix?’ … And I was like I should just watch a scene maybe — and I’m telling you, dude — like 7 hours later like tissues and bonbons,” Wolf admitted. “It was really emotional, like dipping back into your old photo albums.”

Watch back the full interview in the video above to hear more, including Wolf's jokes about CW’s “Hot Dad” camp 😂

Catch Nancy Drew on the CW on Thursdays and Inside Game out in theaters now!

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