Arnold Schwarzenegger Jokes About Son-In-Law Chris Pratt Being Nervous

'Terminator: Dark Fate' Press Conference

'Terminator: Dark Fate' Press Conference

The Governator! Arnold Schwarzenegger phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Friday, November 1, and caught up with Ryan Seacrest, revealing what it was like to reunite with Terminator creator James Cameron for Terminator: Dark Fate and also dished on first meeting new son-in-law Chris Pratt.

In Terminator: Dark Fate, more than two decades have passed since Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor prevented Judgment Day, changed the future, and re-wrote the fate of the human race, but now they’re up against a newly modified liquid Terminator -- the Rev-9 model -- which arrives from the future.

“It was really terrific,” the former Governor of California shared while talking about returning to the iconic franchise. “We all worked very hard … I was very proud of Linda Hamilton to come back [at] the age of 60 and be in this extraordinary shape,” he added of his costar. “She was willing to really work … and do weight training, physical training, military training and weapons training. … I’m proud of all the women in the movie because they really kick some serious ass.”

Schwarzenegger took a break from training this past June to walk his daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger down the aisle during her wedding to actor Chris Pratt. The headline-making wedding took place in stunning Montecito, California.

“It was really terrific getting to know him,” Schwarzenegger shared when Ryan asked what it was really like for his daughter’s now-husband to meet the Governator. “We wanted to get to know each other and meet each other for a long time and we were filming in New Orleans a few years ago when I was doing Terminator [Genisys] and he was doing a film down there … but we didn’t have the time to [meet] … and then all of a sudden my daughter comes home and starts talking about she’s going out with Chris Pratt and she brought him over the house and we met and he’s just a wonderful guy, a kind man.”

Ryan then asked if Pratt was nervous to meet Schwarzenegger as the then-boyfriend of his daughter.

“He didn’t appear to me to be nervous,” Schwarzenegger said, joking that he is an actor though. “… He’s a good actor — maybe he acted out the coolness.”

Listen back to the full interview above and catch Terminator: Dark Fate in theaters November 1

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