Sisanie Sits Down With Katie Lynn aka The Queen Maker!

Attention everyone! Sisanie sat down with Katie Lynn aka the ‘Queen Maker’ in the latest episode of Off-Air With Sisanie and we got a crash course in how to dominate life.

Katie Lynn is a licensed psychotherapist, coach, mother and creator of The Queen Maker program. The Queen Maker is a three month group coaching program designed for powerful women committed to creating personal freedom and real love.

Katie, who has a vast background and started as a psychotherapist, created the program to help woman create and manage amazing relationships and a strong, balanced life independently, romantically and more.

In the video above, Katie shares with Sis that she learned what it takes to heal through anxiety, depression, body shame, love, heartbreak, divorce, being a single mother, and trying to find herself while also, at once, feeling uncertain in relationships. 

The three-month program, Katie shared, “is all about learning about how to step into your power and mange your life and get out of self-sabotage and how to navigate relationships” and is essentially a “powerful space for women.”

“I started as a psychotherapist and really felt like … I couldn’t be as dynamic as I felt was necessary to create the change women are seeking,” Katie added. “[I thought] let me start coaching and bring women together to see … I’m not in this alone and … we can get support.”

Watch back the epic episode above to find out everything Sis learned and click here to learn more about The Queen Maker program.