Katie Couric Weighs In On Those Scary Tech Scams, Talks New Podcast

Katie Couric wants answers! The award-winning journalist stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Thursday, October 3, and shared her new iHeartRadio podcast, Next Question with Katie Couric, will help find answers on a range of topics with help from captivating personalities in news, politics and pop culture.

“I’m trying to be the female Ryan Seacrest,” Couric joked to Ryan on-air, explaining her recent business ventures. “… My husband I, John, started a company about a year and half ago because … I decided I wanted to really try to be an entrepreneur for the first time; assemble a group of great people; pay it forward; help young journalists … and basically do all kinds of media so I have a newsletter called Wake Up Call … and I just relaunched my podcast … and I’m doing a lot of collaborations.”

On her podcast, Next Question with Katie Couric, the former anchor will explore and address the people, movements, and issues changing our lives and redefining our world.

“I like to work,” Couric continued. “I like feeling productive. I’m so insatiably curious about everything that is happening and we’ve never gone through a more transformational time I think in our lives in terms of how technology has shifted almost every arena and there’s so much happening and I think I’m good at translating … issues and making them understandable for people."

For example, Couric, along with special guests and experts, will weigh in on topics including plastic waste, nutrition, global warming and even those pesky phone and email scams we can’t seem to avoid. 

“How did we get here?” Couric reflected, adding that she thinks these issues have indeed reached critical mass that people will start listening and changing. “… [For example], you feel ashamed when you’re using plastic these days … and I think shame is such a powerful motivator … it changes behavior.”

Sign up for Katie’s newsletter, Wake Up Call, at KatieCouric.com and catch the premiere of her podcast, Next Question with Katie Couric, this Thursday on iHeartRadio or wherever you listen to podcasts.