Only A True Movie Buff Can Spot All 52 Film References In This Video

While no one really knows the exact number, experts believe there are 600,000 movies currently in existence . It's impossible to have seen all of them, but plenty of film buffs have seen the most popular and critically acclaimed ones. Now, there is a video that tests how closely moviegoers watched those flicks, and how closely they pay attention. 

The two-minute clip comes from Meerkat Movies and challenges viewers to spot all 52 movie references in it. Some are obvious like signs that say "Frozen," "Taxi" and "Up," others are more subtle like a yellow VW Microbus that was featured in Little Miss Sunshine , and some are even more hidden.

If you can find more than 35, consider yourself well-versed in movies. And if you can spot all 52, you are in a league of your own. 


If you're reading this far you're probably looking for all the answers. Unfortunately, the video just came out and the makers aren't giving away the list of films referenced just yet. Keep an eye on the comments section though because it'll probably start listing them. 



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