Mom Puts Drunk, Passed Out, Naked Son To Bed, Wakes Up To Find It's Not Him

A mom in the UK found her son Stewart drunk and asleep under a blanket on her closet floor at 4:30 AM after a Halloween party this weekend, so she gave him a pillow. He thanked her, which surprised the mother since she isn't used to her boy being so polite. She was also surprised his car wasn't outside, but figured it broke down, and wrote off the strange fact that he fell asleep in her closet to Stewart occasionally doing weird things.  

It turned out she had good reason to be suspicious though - when she woke up she realized it wasn't her son at all. 


The mom, Juliet, posted the whole story on Facebook, explaining that the next morning, her husband came downstairs to tell her there was a "naked bloke upstairs and it is not Stewart." 

It turned out to be a guy named Marc who had gotten muddy before entering the house so he stripped down after coming in. Juliet was grateful for Marc's manners - she noted that he was "obviously housetrained" and that he knew not to track mud into the house. Her husband took Marc to his house, which was a few miles down the road.


No word on how or why Marc wound up in Juliet's home since, according to her, they live in the "middle of nowhere."

It all ended well though and when the story made it into the papers, Marc brought a copy over to Juliet's house. 

Marc told The Sun, “I could not have stumbled into the home of two more lovely people. They were so understanding.”

Meanwhile, Juliet's son Stewart said, “I’m going to have some serious words with my mother — she still can't recognize me after all these years.”



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