Behind The Scenes of Siggno’s hit single and video ‘¿Verdad Que Duele?’

SiggnofrontmanJesse Turnertakes fans behind the scenes of “¿Verdad Que Duele?,” the six-time Latin Grammy-winning group’s latest hit single and music video featuringChris Perez.

What is the song about? It all begins with the lyrics. Todo empieza con la letra. Historias detras de la cancion.

Turner explains the lyrics of the song with behind-the-scenes visuals from the song’s official music video in episode one shared on YouTube by David Rios TV.

In aninterview withTejano Nation, Turner spoke about the presence of Perez during the video shoot. “I can’t tell you the energy that he brings and the vibe that he brought when we were recording the music video,” said Turner. “The minute he came into the scene to shoot his part to do his solo it was like if you were hearing a solo in one of Selena’s songs.”

Siggno released two versions of the new single “¿Verdad Que Duele?” on June 18 and the Grammy-winning bandtook the top two spotsof the iTunes Latin Singles charts less than 12 hours after the release of the songs.

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