Shelly Lares showcases future of women in Tejano with ‘Nada De Ti’

Courtesy ShellShock Records

Shelly Laresis currently finishing up her highly-anticipated LMD82 album and the Tejano music icon has released the latest single to radio today. “Nada De Ti” is a collaboration with the next generation of talented female voices in Tejano music includingMonica Saldivar,Demmi Garcia, andSonja De La Paz.

“Little Miss Dynamite” carefully selected these three women for their distinct voices, determination and positive attitudes towards their future careers.

“I knew I wanted to collaborate with new girls on my album,” Lares tellsTejano Nation. “I came across this song and instantly knew the three women — well, I’m lying — I knew more or less. I knew I wanted Monica, only because I’ve been a huge fan of hers and I love the texture and tone of her voice, and then Demmi I’ve known since before she was born. I’ve known her her whole life, her mom is one of my best friends, and I love her soft, beautiful voice. And then I wanted someone in between. So, it was weird how I heard of Sonja. I came across her song on the radio and said, ‘Oh my God, that’s the voice I need. That’s the voice I’m missing as the fourth girl.'”

“Nada De Ti’ features a beautiful mariachi instrumentation, starting as ranchera transitioning into cumbia, showcasing the amazing voices of the four singers and production fromSevero “Sevy” Contreras.

“The production is on another level as far as what we’re used to hearing from the women,” added Lares. “I wanted to do that for a reason. First and foremost it’s the way for me to pass the torch on to the next generation of women. I just wanted to do this to kind of share some experiences with them, to mentor them like I usually do. The girls, they nailed it! This song represents unity, strength, camaraderie and the lifting of each other.”

Saldivar is winner of 2015 Tejano Idol and released her self-titled debut album in 2019 earning her Best New Female Artist at the Tejano Music Awards in 2020. Garcia is a third-generation Tejano singer and musiciancurrently working on her solo debut albumand was most recently featured in a song with her father’s band,Avizo. De La Paz has been a part ofPete Astudillo‘s bandTekno Mexover the past several years and hasreleased two singlesfrom her upcoming solo debut album.

The collaboration is one of many that will be part of the highly-anticipatedLMD82album scheduled for release in late April or early May.

“This is something that I knew I wanted to do when I started doing this album because this album is going to be, I think, me in a nutshell,” said Lares. “This album comes full circle for me. I’m celebrating 40 years next year. I’m paying homage to where it all started for me.”

Lares will celebrate her almost four decades career with the release of her new album and anLMD Legacy Tourscheduled for 2021 through 2022.

“Nada De Ti” will be available at your favorite digital music platform soon.

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