Lucky Joe covers ‘El Palomito’ for first single from upcoming tribute album

Lucky Joeis an artist, musician, composer, singer, and accordionist of Regional Mexican music. During his time as a professional artist, Lucky Joe has received numerous accolades. Among them, Best Artist of 2013, Best Male Vocalist of 2019, as well as a nomination for the prestigious Latin Grammy Award for Best Tejano Album in 2019.

Now, Lucky Joe is back with his much anticipated new single “El Palomito.” The song is a cover of the classic hit originally recorded byLupe Tijerina Y Los Cadetes Linares. Lucky Joe gives his rendition in the Norteno style that comes from his highly-anticipated next album which is a tribute to some of the greats of the Norteño genre.

“Everything is done on the album, vocals, the instrumentation, the artwork is done. The new single is out,” Lucky Joe tellsFierro HD in a recent interview. “The only thing that we’re lacking is the release date of the album and the name of the album. We’ve had a little bit of a hard time with that because it’s just such a good album. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it.”

“El Palomito” carries an unforgettable melody, a great dance beat, and a great musical performance by Lucky Joe. This song will catapult the Latin Grammy nominee to another musical level and help introduce his music to a new audience.

Lucky Joe — “El Palomito”

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