Jaime DeAnda raffling his accordion, teaches virtual accordion lessons

The current COVID-19 pandemic canceled many live events over the past seven months and many Tejano musicians and singers haven’t been able to perform and lost out on income. As live events slowly return, many in the music industry are still struggling to make ends meet and are finding new ways to earn income until live music events return to normal including Conjunto Hall of FamerJaime DeAnda.

In a recent interview withFierro HDand Radio.com, DeAnda shared his story during the current pandemic. “Now I’m not Jaime the artist, I’m Jaime the human as everyone else,” he told Fierro HD morning co-hostsBo LeoandJonny Ramirez. “I see exactly what it feels like to have to go out there and do what you got to do to put food on the table, to make ends meet, to pay the bills.”

“I’m not shy to admit I filed for unemployment because income has been really where it’s been, at the bottom and whatever help we’re getting now it seems like it’s just helping us stay above water, to keep going” he said. “Seven months is a long time. Times are really tough right now and it’s not about who’s better, who’s bigger, or who’s who right now, it’s about surviving.”

DeAnda is teaching virtual accordion lessons to help supplement lost income and he’s giving fans a chance to win one of his accordions during a raffle on Nov. 14. Fans can sign up at DeAnda’s official Facebook page,JaimeDeAnda1979, and can purchase multiple numbers out of 200 at $75 each to increase chances to win. Plus, he will add accordion lessons to the winner.

DeAnda added that he’s finished up a new original single produced by award-winning hitmakerGabriel Zavala, who produced his previous two singles. DeAnda’s first songs released since his breakup fromLos Chamacosin December 2018.

“I’ve been hearing his production and stuff that he comes up with and I like his ideas,” said DeAnda. “The structure of music he’s coming up with, it’s a little smoother.”

He added that fans may not take to a new sound from the Conjunto icon after entertaining them for more than 30 years. “If it’s going to be original, it’s got to be different, something new,” he said. “But I’m still old school.”

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