Dagny Embraces Her Insecurities On New Track 'Love You Like That'

After the stellar "Wearing Nothing" and her cover of Andrea True Connection's classic "More, More, More" Dagny returned with her follow-up serving called "Love You Like That" on Friday (October 13) and it's just as feel-good as its predecessors.

On the Jason Gill-produced number, the Norwegian songstress confesses how she has issues opening up and yet feels safe with her new lover. "You know how they say you got the real thing/ When nothing else matters/ I love you like that/ I love you like that," she sings during the breezy hook. "Love You Like That" was co-written by Dagny alongside Michelle Buzz and Gill while she was in Los Angeles.

It's yet another taste of Dagny's musical styling before the release of her forthcoming debut LP, which will reportedly include contributions from Mattman & Robin, Cass Lowe, Jon Levine, Mark Ralph, The Electric, Fraser T. Smith, Rami Yacoub, Carl Falk, Bastian Langebaek, Justin Parker, The 23rd, Big Taste, Fred Ball, Christopher “CJ” Baran, Jonny Coffer, Tommy English, and Jack & Coke.

Even though she dropped "Wearing Nothing" over the summer, Dagny said in a statement that she considers "Love You Like That" the "first proper love song" that she's ever released. "It's funny because I've always been wary of using the phrase 'I love you' in songs, in fear of sounding too cliché or corny, but then I just went and broke the 'amounts-of-I love you-in-one-song' record," she said in a statement. "And it feels good. I'm not a particularly romantic person nor am I great at telling people how I feel about them, so this was probably long over-due. If you love someone, you should tell them."

Expect to hear this cut in the flesh when Dagny tours the US with LANY throughout the month of October and into November. Click here for more details!

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