BEAUZ Recruits BAER For Twinkling New Single 'All Or Nothing' (Premiere)

BEAUZ, better known as the DJ/producer duo consisting of brothers Bernie and Johan Yang, have teamed up with budding vocalist BAER for a twinkling new collaboration called "All or Nothing," which dropped on Friday (November 2) via Strange Fruits

Clocking in at almost three-minutes, "All or Nothing" hears the brotherly duo offer up an airy dance track about the transition from friendship to romance. To incorporate their culture, the cut also features some oriental elements, ultimately breathing a bit of new air into the electronic scene. "Summer night intoxicated minds/ 4 AM we chill, fading before we catch feels/ But you know that I'm down for the long run, tell me is this real 'cause baby I'm all or nothing" the Los Angeles-based singer gently croons during the melodic hook, before a wave of light-hearted oriental mallets fill the track. 

"We are thrilled for the opportunity to share our new track 'All Or Nothing' with you guys and the world. This song is a love ballad that strives to capture the excitement and uncertainty people feel when they first experience love," the pair said in a statement to iHeartRadio. "With BAER's incredibly delicate voice accompanying the light-hearted oriental mallets, we hoped to create something beautiful and resonating to the dreamiest, youthful part of people's memories. We hope you guys like it!"

"All Or Nothing" follows the release of the production duo's last single, "Lite Drip," which was also another BAER collaboration. If you want to learn more about BEAUZ, give them a follow on social platforms @beauzmusic.

Photo: BEAUZ

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