Wendy Williams Must Pay Ex Kevin Hunter THOUSANDS In Divorce

Wendy Williams is being forced to pay up in her divorce.

According to Page Six, the 55-year-old talk show host and her estranged husband Kevin Hunter "have come to an interim financial agreement as part of their divorce proceedings" that will require Wendy to pay Kevin $250,000.

Per court documents, which were obtained by the outlet, Wendy's ex must use the funds to “secure new living arrangements.” Being that the money is for new housing, Kevin has to "vacate their marital home in Livingston, New Jersey, which was put up for sale over the summer."

Wendy has not lived at the resident for some time. Shortly after she filed for divorce from Kevin in April, she moved into a high-rise Manhattan apartment that reportedly costs $15,000 per month.

As fans know, Wendy has been living her best life since she split from Kevin. The host finally pulled the plug on her marriage after Kevin welcomed a baby girl with his mistress.

Earlier this week, the Wendy Williams Show host took the opportunity to throw a tree-sized amount of shade at her ex and his mistress during her infamous "Hot Topics" segment. "I only said this as a joke during Hot Topics: 'poke a hole in the condom and get pregnant.' But that backfired on me, didn't it?" Wendy told her audience, referencing Kevin's affair and lovechild. "Okay, now. Alls I'm saying is turnabout's a fair game. I'm a fair game player and straight shooter too. Pow pow."

"Life is not what you think it is behind the scenes. Trust me. Homegirl is miserable," Wendy added before imitating her husband's mistress rocking a baby. "In the meantime, I'm over here... you know. That's what you get!" she said as she pointed at the camera.

Photo: Getty Images