Wendy Williams Confirms Estranged Husband Fathered A Child With Mistress

After months of speculation, Wendy Williams finally confirmed that her estranged husband fathered a child with his longtime mistress while they were married.

"Kevin has a daughter," the 55-year-old talk show host said during an interview with New York Times Magazine. "Kevin had a major indiscretion that he will have to deal with for the rest of his life. An indiscretion that I will not deal with," she added. "I never thought that I would be in this position. I’m a very forgiving person, but there’s one thing that I could never be a part of, and that one thing happened."

Wendy went on to explain that when she became aware of her husband's mistress' pregnancy, she decided to enter a sober living facility to prepare herself for the fallout. "When you see your husband’s mistress with a burgeoning belly and you’re a blabbermouth on TV with a successful show, you know what’s about to happen. I needed to go someplace quiet," the Wendy Williams Show host explained. "When you go to a sober house, it’s like being in jail. I needed to not be interrupted by anyone. There was not one friend that I could call, because everyone would have dumbbell answers to a very serious situation. My husband was about to have a baby, and I knew that I was about to divorce. I knew that there would be headlines. I had to process it so that once I came out, I came out on top. I didn’t work for three decades to land at the bottom over some [expletive] like this."

Earlier this month, during an interview with Andy Cohen, Wendy revealed that she was very much so aware of her husband's longtime extramarital affair before finally deciding to file for divorce in April.

"I knew a lot of things for years," she replied when Andy asked if she knew about Kevin's "double life," referring to her husband's longtime mistress, who reportedly welcomed his child just before Wendy's divorce filing. Wendy added that she found it "very difficult" to not speak out about her personal drama on her talk show earlier this year when news of Kevin's mistress' alleged pregnancy. However, Wendy said she knew she’d eventually tell her truth, but she first "had to get my ducks in a row."

Wendy went on to explain that she stayed in her marriage because she didn't want to disrupt their son Kevin Jr.'s life. "It wasn’t fair to him," she shared. "You know, I’m not going to grab his hand and flee the scene and move zip codes. You know, now he has to move high schools and stuff like that. He’s just making friends. So now he’s away in college, and the person I am now is very single because he’s not living with me. He goes to school in Miami."

Andy followed-up by asking if the photos of Kevin with another woman were never published, if she'd still be married to him, and Wendy made it very clear that she would have still filed for divorce, saying, "I can take a lot, but I'm not raising a family."

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