Vanessa Hudgens Shares Stunning Photos From Wedding To Cole Tucker

Photo: Getty Images

Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker are married! After the news broke last week, the actress is now sharing photos and sweet details from her special day which was celebrated at the Azulik City of Arts in Tulum, Mexico. “I knew that it was our place,” Hudgens told Vogue. “I felt like I was transported to some kind of utopia, unlike anything I had ever been to before. It was whimsical and magical, and I just fell in love.”

Hudgens continued, "I also knew I wanted to get married somewhere warm, and our window for getting married was so small because Cole’s [baseball] season is very long. I felt like ‘Mexico it is!’ I also wanted somewhere very spiritual. So I went to the hotel and got a really long tour, where I myself was not doing well, I was so hot and felt like I was going to faint. At the end of this very long tour, I was like ‘Where would we have our ceremony?’ and they were like ‘Oh, that would be at our museum’ and they said, ‘It’s 45 minutes into the jungle.’ I was thinking, ‘Okay, that sounds aggressive, but I guess I’ll give it a try.’”

For her wedding look, Hudgens chose a gown by Vera wang and her veil included a custom embroidery that read: "Mrs. T December 2nd, 2023" in a gothic font.

“It was genuinely the most magical weekend of my life,” Vanessa shared. “I am so grateful that we got to have a private wedding, and it helped that I took everyone’s phones away. It was amazing because at the dinner, I would look around and everyone was talking to each other—our family and friend groups coming together and creating real relationships that I know they’re going to invest real time into. Seeing that and bringing everyone together and celebrating us, it was just so magical. Literally talking about it right now, I’m getting teary-eyed. I couldn’t have dreamt it to be any better. I knew it was going to be magical, but it exceeded my expectations.”

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