Dylan & Cole Sprouse Hilariously React To Viral 'Suite Life' Joke

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After 15 years of waiting, their table is finally ready!

Dylan and Cole Sprouse hilariously reacted to the viral Suite Life on Deck joke that caused a bit of an uproar on social media Thursday (November 16). For some backstory, the joke stems from a Season 1 episode where their characters Zack and Cody tried to get a dinner reservation at a popular restaurant in Rome. However, they were told the table wouldn't be ready until November 16, 2023. While Cody (Cole) exclaimed, "But that's 15 years!," Zack (Dylan) simply wondered, "What if I don't feel like Italian that day?"

Fans of the Disney Channel show, a spinoff of the beloved show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, celebrated the milestone date by flocking to the Sprouse brothers' social media, sending messages and jokes about the reservation finally being ready. However, it appears that their feeds were flooded with nearly identical messages as everyone had the same idea and the brothers seemed a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of comments.

Dylan took to his Instagram Stories to share a photo of him holding his head and looking stressed, surrounded by some of the messages he had received, such as "Your table is ready," "In the mood for Italian?" "Look at this post" and "It's been 15 years!" Cole also used his Instagram Stories to share a screen recording of him scrolling through what was likely hundreds of comments reminding him of the reservation and asking if he ever got his table.

Photo: @dylansprouse/Instagram

It wasn't just fans of the show celebrating the date. Even Google got into the fray. If you searched for either Dylan or Cole, a scrolling banner appeared at the top of the page reading "Table for ✌️?" Additionally, Sandra Purpuro, the actress who portrayed Chef Gigi in the episode, shared a TikTok in character welcoming Zack and Cody back to the reservation, telling them, "Oh boys, you're back! Your table is ready, follow me!" As of Friday, the video has around 6 million views.

Let's hope they didn't miss their reservation!

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