Watch Drake Get First Face Tattoo In Honor Of His Mother

Drake and Sandi Graham

Photo: Getty Images

Drake just blessed himself with some new ink in honor of his mother, Sandi Graham.

On Thursday, August 11, the 35-year-old rapper revealed his new face tattoo of his mother's initials "SG." In an Instagram post he captioned "Sandra Gale," Drake included an up-close photo of the tiny tat located under his left eye. His tattoo artist, who goes by @_n.a.l on IG, posted a clip of himself crafting the tat on Drake's face. The Honestly, Nevermind rapper barely flinches as the artist inks the letter "G" on his cheek. The tribute to his mother is now Drake's 36th tattoo.

Drake's craving for another tattoo could've been inspired by his dad's ink, which kind of resembles him. Earlier this week, the face of OVO Sound took to Instagram to reflect on the design of his dad's tat and let his fans know how he really feels about it.

"@therealdennisg I was just sitting here thinking why you do me like this we family 😂😂😂," Drake wrote.

"Hahaha I had 16 people to try and straighten this out, they're hurting me." Graham replied. "I love you and miss you."

The tattoo artist, Money Mike, said he took four hour to make Dennis Graham's tattoo and he did it for free. Earlier this week, TMZ spoke to Mike and got his reaction to Drake's thoughts about the ink.

“So in my defense, one of the reasons the tattoo isn’t the absolute greatest I’ve ever been able to do is because he was rushing me,” Mike said. “So four hours into the tattoo he was in severe pain, and he was telling me basically just to wrap it up. So that was like when I got to the hair. Once we were on the hair I was being majorly rushed, and he loved the tattoo. When I was done with it he was stoked, his family was stoked, his girlfriend liked it. Drake’s sister liked it, everybody was happy with it.”

In case you missed it, check out Dennis Graham's tattoo below.

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