Tony Guerrero discusses the success of La Sombra for over 40 years

Tony Guerrero of La Sombra on Tuesdays with Andrea Podcast

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La Sombra is one of the most successful and influential bands in Tejano music. The GRAMMY-nominated band from Aurora, Illinois has released over 20 full-length albums, and “The Windy City Boys” has been credited with creating a unique music style introducing elements of Hip Hop and R&B into the Tejano genre. Founding member Tony Guerrero discussed the group’s success and influence over the past 40 years in an interview with the Tuesdays With Andrea podcast.

Guerrero shared plans for new music and the release of a new album this year from La Sombra. The singer and musician also spoke about his health issues over the past few years and one of the new talented musicians on the scene, “El angelito del acordeón,” Christopher Ramirez.

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