Kate Middleton & Prince William's Plane Aborts Landing During Scary Storm

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit The North Of Pakistan

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit The North Of Pakistan

Kate Middleton and Prince William are currently on a royal tour of Pakistan. After spending the day in the city of Lahore, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge departed for Islamabad via private jet with their accompanying staff and press core. William and Kate never made it to Islamabad, though, after getting caught in a terrifying lightning storm. Their plane was forced to land back in Lahore after unsuccessful attempts to land safely in Islamabad.

Royal reporter for The Daily Mail, Rebecca English, tweeted about her experience traveling through the electrical storm with William and Kate. "Mid-air drama as the RAF (Royal Air Force) Voyager carrying the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had to abandon its landing in Islamabad and return to Lahore due to terrible storms," she shared.

"The pilot tried to land twice, at two different airports, amid horrendous lightening and turbulence, but was forced to return Lahore for safety reasons," the royal reporter continued. "Fortunately William has taken it in his stride - he just came back down the plane to see if we were ok and joked that he was flying!"

She also shared a video of the lightning from the plane window, as well, saying the pilot circled for an hour before ultimately giving up and returning the Voyager to Islamabad.

Kate and William's flight from Lahore to Islamabad was supposed to take just 25 minutes, however, they were in the air for over two hours. After safely landing back in Lahore, it was unclear whether they'd be staying put or trying once again to reach Islamabad. The most important thing, though, is that everybody is safe after a tumultuous flight.

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