Jennifer Aniston Reveals Whether Ross & Rachel Are Still Together Today

Friends might be over, but fans couldn't *be* more obsessed with the beloved '90s sitcom. Following Jennifer Aniston's record-breaking debut on Instagram (her first post was a photo of the recent Friends cast reunion), fans immediately began spamming her for Ross and Rachel tea. The 50-year-old actress didn't hold back with her answer, either.

Former Bachelorette contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe was one of those very fans asking Aniston about Ross and Rachel's fate as a couple after the show ended. "ARE YOU AND ROSS STILL TOGETHER!!???”” she eagerly commented. Aniston caught sight of her query and revealed a pretty devastating (yet hilarious, TBH) theory about their current relationship status. “Well, we’re on a break," Aniston replied.

As fans of Friends know, Aniston is referencing an iconic, long-running joke on the show. Anytime one of the other character's referenced Ross and Rachel's split, which resulted in Ross immediately hooking up with another woman, Ross, played by David Schwimmer, would yell "we were on a break." If you need a refresher, though, here's a reminder:

What do you think: are Ross and Rachel still together? Or do you agree with Aniston's theory?

Photo: Getty