Woman Live-Tweets Nightmare Flight After Drunk Man Vomits On Woman's Hair

Often times when planes fly in and out of Las Vegas, there are some passengers who are either already intoxicated or who make use of the alcohol on the plane and get drunk during the ride. It's almost expected on those Sin City flights. However, it's not expected on early morning trips between Chicago and Baltimore, but some wasted folks on one turned the flight into a nightmare, and passenger Cassidy Smith live tweeted all the action.

The bad news began before the 8 a.m. Spirit Airlines flight even took off, when a drunk man threw up all over a woman's hair. Cassidy shared a video of a flight attendant helping the disgusted passenger clean up, with the caption, "I. Would. Die."

The man who got sick was removed from the aircraft to the delight of everyone else onboard, however, they then had to deplane as well so everything could be cleaned.

Fortunately, it gave the woman whom he barfed on a chance to clean up more, and Cassidy even got video of her looking much better, calling her an "absolute champ."

It seemed like they were finally good to go. All the passengers re-boarded the plane and things looked to be going smoothly, until another pair of drunk passengers locked themselves in one of the bathrooms and wound up flooding it.

They were then removed and the flight crew, who Cassidy described as "amazing," addressed everyone, apologizing for the inconvenience and the delays, though noting that they had no control over it.

Cassidy ended her thread calling out Ellen Degeneres to give the passenger who was puked on free flights or at least a hair washing.

If you're ever on a bad flight, let this be a reminder that it could always be worse!

Photo: Twitter/Cassidy44