This Insanely Detailed 'Hocus Pocus' Cupcake Will Put A Spell On You

Disney World is killing it with their Halloween treats this year. An insanely detailed Hocus Pocus cupcake has popped up in the Floridian theme park already and it's only August. The Sanderson Sisters would definitely approve of Disney's early start on Halloween. Now that we think about it...maybe Winifred, Sarah and Mary put a spell on Mickey Mouse to make this possible. Spooky, right?

So, here's what you need to know about the Hocus Pocus-themed dessert. It's called the Amuck cupcake, which is a reference to one of the most quotable scenes in the film. Guests can find the Amuck cupcake in Magic Kingdom at the Main Street Bakery located in the front of the park. According to Disney Food Blog, the Amuck cupcake contains "caramel sauce, chocolate buttercream icing, peanut butter chips, chocolate candy bits, toffee, cake cauldron, and a Sanderson Sisters white chocolate decoration."

Disney blogger @Wicked.Ears shared a photo of the mouthwatering treat on Instagram, captioning the shot: "Oh look another glorious cupcake...this beauty was huge!! And filled with peanut butter chips, Chocolate candy bits, and a toffee sauce. I would recommend the Amuck cupcake but beware of the black icing , it’ll stain your mouth... and elbow... still don’t know how I managed that one!"

Disney Food Blog called the cupcake "quite lovely, but very messy," so make sure you grab some napkins before you dig in. "Regardless of how messy the dessert was, we’re still thinking soothing thoughts because it was DELICIOUS," DFB wrote in their review. "The chocolate buttercream and Trick or Treat Cake reminded us of a candy bar, complete with the peanut butter chips, chocolate candy bits, and toffee. (Snickers is quaking in its wrapper, tbh.) The chocolate cake cauldron on the top was rich with a little bit of crunch from the candy bits and the white chocolate piece."

Will you be trying out the Amuck cupcake on your next Disney World visit? You'll have to hurry up and grab it quick, though, because it's a seasonal item. It costs $7.99 or a single Disney Dining Plan snack credit.

Photo: @Wicked.

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