"Triggered: RACE" an AYO Big Girl Podcast Recap!

Triggered is an AYO Big Girl series about America's most controversial topics and bridging the gap between the opposing parties!

The episode starts with an informative introduction about the terms and definitions discussed later in the episode. We have Ralph representing the Republicans and Isaac representing the Independent Party. In this episode we discussed BLM, White Privilege, Immigration, and got a deeper insight to each parties stance and our debaters individual opinion.

Black Lives Matter Movement

Despite the misconception of the movements name, BLM doesn’t mean your life does not matter if you are not black....but how can all lives matter if the black ones don’t? Another example of privilege is to protest a protest that you don’t even bother understanding. Black Lives Matter is rooted in the deeply humanistic belief that all lives are connected. All oppression—including that of LGBT individuals, refugees, immigrants, Muslims, women, people living in poverty and people with disabilities—negatively affects all lives. Although the BLM movement focuses on the oppression of black people, its mission is inter-sectional and invested in liberation for all.

White Privilege

Peggy McIntosh wrote an article called Unpacking the Invisible knapsack and in it she discusses systemic racism and how she had to UNLEARN racist behavior by first recognizing the privileges white people are born with that people of color are not. It’s a privilege that isn’t earned, but passed on to each generation by the color of their skin.


I believe there are people trying desperately to escape the terror of their own country, but I also believe there are people who aren't as pure in heart. There is a shocking number of trafficked children here in the United States from all over the world that are smuggled through Mexico. I wish there was a way with out borders but this isn’t a perfect world....this is America, so is the wall really a solution?

Next Episode: RELIGION

As a Christian, I see so many ugly things happen within the church on the news and it's so sad. I'd love to have an open discussion about all the controversies going on today.

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