"Triggered: SEX" an AYO Big Girl Podcast Recap!

Triggered is an AYO Big Girl series about America's most controversial topics and bridging the gap between the opposing parties!

The episode starts with an informative introduction about the terms and definitions discussed later in the episode. We have Rudy representing the Republicans and Demi representing the Democratic Party. In this episode we discussed Women's Rights, Gay Rights, and Trans Rights,and got a deeper insight to each parties stance and our debaters individual opinion.

Women's Rights

The past couple years have been HUGE for women in America! The news has been putting men on blast left and right from Dr. Larry Nassar, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and R. Kelly, just to name a few. It's really shed a light on how women have been silenced and mistreated, throughout the years, so we touched on some issues women face in America today and in politics. We debate on taxation of abortion, the statute of limitation, and catcalls.

Food for thought: Is Feminism about EQUITY or EQUALITY?

Gay & Trans Rights

We discussed gay marriage, adoption, and discrimination. In this episode we discovered how far the gay movement has come and how much the transgender movement has to go. I feel that the people assume transgender people are going based off of a feeling, but overlook the fact that the thought comes from the brain, and maybe the brain isn't the same gender as the anatomy... does that make sense? I have a video below that breaks it down perfectly! When talking about pronouns, both parties hesitantly agreed that some of the pronouns people are using now-a-days have gone too far. However, we all unanimously agreed that a person is a person and out of love and respect, you call them what they are asking you to call them, similar to correcting a person who says your name wrong. Here is an example of pronouns one can identify as.

Food for thought: What is your take on pronouns?

Next Episode: RACE

It's honestly heart-breaking to say but racism in America is alive and prevalent in every corner of our "United" States. Next episode, we'll go into detail on racism of every color, covering the border wall, Black Lives Matter movement, and White "Nationalist's".

Food for thought: I saw this music video a while back...and I felt so puzzled afterwards. What are your thoughts, do you believe this is a good depiction of what racism looks like?

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