Lauren's Weekend Recap

I always feel like the weekends fly by, and maybe I didn't do enough... but it never fails! Every time I do a weekend re-cap I realize how busy I actually am! Let's get stared:


My son and I Have been dying to try this snack shop in Harlingen called Sabs Candy Shop, and we finally made it! I always see cool stuff people post online like their Ferrero Rocher chocolate shakes & their HUGE FUNNEL CAKES, but when it was our turn to order, we froze. I ended up getting some sort of combo for Levi, it was a burrito, a funnel cake, and a Big Red. They had pictures of this Gusher Raspa posted all over the place so I ordered one of those for him too. He LOVED it!

We rushed home after he ate so we could catch the RGV Vipers game with Jammin Jay-Z. It's honestly such a fun experience and if you've never're missing out! They had the kids section open where the kids can shoot some hoops, and they have a performance almost every quarter! They even caught me yawning on the JUMBO screen! I was mortified.The Vipers were in the lead so me and the guys headed out for dinner!

I've been dying to try this new place called Smokin' Moon BBQ & Beer Garden. It was freaking amazing! There was no parking so we almost didn't stay but I'm so glad we did. I had the most tender brisket, perfectly seasoned, and melt in your mouth juicy...I'm not over exaggerating. This place is bomb. The outdoor seating was neat, and they had Bucking Crazy which is an amazing band that plays all over. The vibe of this place is just fun, the food is great, and I can't wait to go back for my cheat day.


I had an early start on Saturday, I have a lot of editing to do for my podcast, so I started my morning at the station. I then headed to Cricket wireless for a FB Live event, those are always fun, especially when we have gift cards to give away. After Cricket I had lunch with a friend, and rushed back to Harlingen for my nail appointment. You know me and my nails! After that I had a quick gym sesh because I had weigh-ins the following day!


As you may know my friend Karla and I decided to go on this weight loss journey together, each setting our own individual goals but holding each other accountable to a healthier lifestyle. We're doing this for 8 weeks and this was our first. I'm very excited with my results one week in, however I still have a long ways to go.

I'm down 8.2 lbs and about 5 inches in total. We also set some goals, and if we didn't meet our goals we have this jar filled with consequences. I failed to meet my 20 min cardio goal so my consequence is 2-A-Days for the next 4 work outs! No pain no gain, right?

After the weigh in, Levi and I went to the park to walk 3 miles (which was a weekly goal of mine). It was a perfect way to wrap up the weekend!

How was your weekend? Connect with me on insta @ayobiggirl and don't forget tomorrow I drop a new episode of TRIGGERED: Let's Talk about SEX on my podcast Ayo Big Girl!

Thanks for reading!


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