A Memory That Means Something To Me

"As your kids grow they may forget what you said, but won't forget how you made them feel"

Kevin Heath

It was a special evening in April of 1998. My church was having a “Passion of the Christ”-like play and my mom’s boyfriend was playing Jesus. After the play we came back to the house, he and my mom sat on the sofa while I played in the living room, that was the night he changed our lives forever.

My mom had been dating my step-dad for what seemed like my entire life.I went everywhere with them, and I loved him as much as my mom did. He always bought me the coolest birthday gifts, always made me laugh, and treated me like I was his own. He completed our family, even though he was just my mom's boyfriend, he meant the world to us. 

He proposed that night after the play and I can still remember the look on my mother's face. He got on one knee, and told me how much my mother meant to him. He talked about how much he loved her and wanted a future with not only her...but me too. Now on both knees he proposed to my mother and I, each with our own rings!

It meant the world to me then, and it means the world to me now. Seeing someone continue to love my mom the same way he did 20 years ago is a goal for me and my love life. As if that isn’t enough, he also set the example for how a man is to treat my son. Never as a burden but as a bonus. I was blessed to have loving step-parents on both sides and it taught me the importance of love and acceptance. As a child, I never felt like I lacked. I understand no situation is the same but I feel, as long as your child is loved unconditionally, it shouldn't matter if they call them mom/dad. I hope my son's father finds someone who loves my son so much, he feels comfortable enough to call her Mom.

I watched my mother marry the man of her dreams, not knowing that I would find myself in a similar situation (being a single mother in the dating world), he set the standard. It takes someone special to love you and your child. Not everyone is cut out for this life, but my dad was a cut above the rest. I hope one day I find a man with a heart as beautiful as my my dad's, with enough room to love me and my son without limits. 

What's a memory that means most to you?

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