8 Things That Make Me Smile

8 Things That Make Me Smile

So there I was, standing in the beer isle at HEB when an older woman gently touched my elbow and said “smile sweetie, it’ll be alright”. Shocked, I gave a quick smile and thanked her but it stayed lingering in my head. Do I really look mad all the time? I don’t feel like I'm unhappy, so why is my face showing otherwise? I had to really take a step back and evaluate my life at that moment. I just went through a very messy break up. I work 6 days a week. I feel like I fail in one way or another when it comes to motherhood. Just the stress of day to life has obviously taken a toll on me. 

Okay, so I’m overwhelmed... how can I fix it? I slowly repeated the words the kind lady said to me and asked myself, how much do I actually smile a day?!

I believe happiness is a choice and everyday I wake up,I choose to be happy, regardless what life may throw at me! I made a list of things I see day to day that not only bring me joy but physically make me smile. Not that “lol” with a straight face kind of stuff, things that spark a genuine smile on my face! Here they are:

“there’s always a reason to smile, find it”

You know that laugh that’s just good for the soul? Hearing my son laugh like that brings a smile to my face every time. He’s growing up so fast, and he’s becoming his own person. It amazes me how someone so small can mean so much to me.

Meet Chili, the newest addition to our family! This dog LOVES ME, probably more than my own child! Coming home from work everyday to his adorable little face, beaming with excitement will forever warm my heart!

In 2018 I got really into candles, something about them just makes me so happy. It’s an instant mood makeover for me once I light one.

Looking down at my nails and seeing a bomb ass set always makes my day! I feel like I can conquer the world with these boujee fingers!

This is only for MAJOR DAMAGE CONTROL! If you see me post “watching My Best Friend’s Wedding with ice cream.” Pray for me! I only pull out this movie when I’m really in my feelings because it’s guaranteed to slap a smile on my face. (Ice Cream optional)

I love getting flowers, seeing a fresh bouquet at work or at home is always so refreshing. How can you NOT smile when you see a gorgeous arrangement?

No comment.

Friendship means a lot to me. Whether were tagging each other in memes, giving biased relationship advice or planning a girls’night, I love having my daily dose of girl time! 

What makes you smile? Do we have any in common? Connect with me on instagram @ayobiggirl or via email lauren@wild104.net

Thanks for reading!


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