12 Times I FELT THAT on Ari's New Album!

"one taught me love, one taught me patience"

12 Times I FELT THAT on Ariana Grande’s new album: thank you, next

Love is in the air, whether it's for your beau or for yourself I wanted to give you all my favorite love quotes off the hottest album on my iphone! Ari’s new album made a huge splash on the charts with power songs like: thank u, next, 7 rings, and just released music video of the sultry album finale break up with your girlfriend,i'm bored. Why not dissect it and shine a light on all of it’s glory? I'll talk my personal favorites, what each song meant to me and every time I felt that!

imagine: “Feels like forever baby I never thought that it would be you”

This is a beautiful ballad that paints the perfect picture of what every girl wants in a relationship, the simplicity of it all, then pops your bubble with by asking if you can imagine a world like that. Some people aren't huge ballad fans but her voice matched with these lyrics, makes me feel like i'm floating on a cloud. Definitely one of my favorites. I cant put my finger on who she's talking about though, it could be Pete Davidson and how natural their relationship was or how she felt about Mac Miller then remembering he's no longer here to create that world with her. What are your thoughts?

needy: “I'm obsessive and I love too hard, good at overthinkin’ with my heart”

Don't talk to me when this song is on, or I'll have to start the whole thing over-again! I love this song, and it deserves ZERO interruptions. It's just so relate-able when your in a relationship with someone you love, especially in that infatuation stage. You overthink, but that's your baby at the end of the day, you need 'em.

NASA: “You don’t wanna leave me but I’m tryna self-discover, keep me in your orbit and you know you’ll drag me under”

Although I'm not the biggest fan of the song, I felt these lyrics. Sometime's you just need space. Space to work on yourself, space to think, space to breathe. It's not about pushing people away, it's about needing time to just do you.

bloodline: “love me, thank you, leave me, put it down, then it's time to go.”

Ari is obviously on the prowl. She has needs and she needs them to come with-out strings. I truly believe we all go through this phase, she seems to be coping with a lot o doesn't have enough left of heart to pour into anyone else at the moment. Keeping things on the surface so she doesn't get hurt, or hurt anyone else.

fake smile: “If i'm mad, I ain't gonna lie about it, neck roll with the attitude, yeah”

F*ck a fake smile, this is an anthem for people-pleasers who are sick & tired of faking it! It's ok to be annoyed, upset, hurt, it's ok to FEEL anything other than happy. You saw the claws come out when Ari clapped back at the Grammy's producer Ken Ehrlich, if you missed it catch up here. I love the attitude and the overall vibe of this song, no more fake smile from me!

bad idea:“ boy don’t trip, you know this isn't real”

Killin' it with these booty call songs, Ari gets personal about the debates we all *low-key* have with ourselves before we send that late night text. I love that this song is so easy to sing along with, but it's easy because it's a little repetitive. However, it'd be a bad idea to skip because this one's definitely a banger!

make up: “staying mad all day, so we can let it out tonight”

They say make-up sex it the best kind of sex right? Adrenaline mixed with passion has to be a recipe for one amazing night-cap. I'm not really into cat & mouse games like that personally, but I've had my moments. Good times, good times...

ghostin': “i know that it breaks your heart when I cry again, instead of ghostin’ him”

Love this one, it's tempo is pretty slow and the way she sings it kind of distracts you from how freakin' deep this song really is but if you read these lyrics. SHOOK. Just shook. It gives you a deeper look as to why Pete & her probably didn't work out. You can't fix a hole in your heart with someone else. It has to be dealt with. In my opinion, she was hurting and because she wasn't completely over Mac Miller's death it hurt Pete in turn. How can you watch the girl you love cry over another man, and not be able to fix it? Deep stuff.

in my head: "i got a habit of seeing what isn’t there”

Are you the type of person that tries to see the absolute best in everyone? I've been guilty of this my entire life and it's heart-breaking when you realize it's just not who they are. Not sure who's she's talking about in the song but I felt it.7 rings: “If I like it then that’s what I get, yeah”

I'd love to say this song is my anthem, but I have $8.27 in my bank account at the moment, regardless it's still top 3 on my list!

thank you, next: “cause she grew from the drama”

This line has resonated with me since the single dropped. It's so important to grow from your situation, don't ever let your circumstances define you. Learn & grow baby.

break up with your gf, i'm bored: “You could say I’m hatin’, if you want to but I only hate on her ‘cause I want you”

I think at one point we've all done this. You spark an interest in someone and realize they already have a significant other, so you immediately screenshot & send to your bestie to compare! Ari takes it one step further in this song & music video just straight up ready to take yo' man! A lot of speculation was buzzing around this song claiming it was about former lover Big Sean, who is currently with songstress Jhene Aiko. I hope that isn't the case because I love Sean & Jhene but even if it was... this is my absolute favorite song on the album! It's sexy and fun, and the music video does it justice!

Overall thoughts on the album: I really feel for Ari during this time, she's coping, finding herself again and I'm really rooting for her. I love this album, it's easy to listen to and I'll even put a few songs on repeat, I give her album an 8 out of 10! What did you think of her album and which songs are you in love with? Let me know & connect with me:FB:Lauren CampbbelIG:@ayobiggirlSnap: @misscampbelloveDon't forget to check out my podcast "AYO BIG GIRL" a series podcast!Thanks for reading!XOXOLa Reina

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