NEW Podcast Recap: How to WIN the book& Introducing my NEXT SERIES!

Podcast Recap: 

I will be giving away Karla Cauldwell's book Live Your Best Life via instagram, here's how you can win:

Step 1: Follow @ayobiggirl @_lipstickandvodka @karlacauldwell

Step 2: Post a picture of YOUR daily affirmation

Step 3: Tag all 3 of us and use #ayobiggirl

The winner will be announced on my podcast & IG on Tuesday, February 19th!

Here's an example of my daily affirmation. I would seriously tell myself and other's there was nothing special about me and I was just regular. I vow to never speak those words over my life again! This is what I say now:

I also introduced my next series, TRIGGERED: understanding America’s most controversial topics in hopes to bridge the gap between Americans today and educate people on both sides of the arguments. So, if you or someone you know is educated and opinionated on social injustice please DM me on IG @ayobiggir l or email me if you’d like to be on the podcast! It will be in a game show format and I have all the details coming next week with how the game is going to work and prizes! All that’s left to decide is what’s on the menu! What do you think of a Pizza Party Theme where we try different specialty pizza’s OR should we do Valley Snacks like marranadas, frito pies,snow cones,mostachon, and choco flan for example? Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!


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