Preps, Plans, & Workouts, OH MY!

Food is amazing, until you can't zip your pants! Stepping on the scale and seeing an almost 30 pound increase was overwhelming, something had to be done FAST! With the holiday's right around the corner I needed to do some 


It's all fun and games until things get rough. Prepping the meals is easy, eating the meals Monday through Friday is easy, hitting the gym and putting in the work is easy...for some! But let's be real, we all have our days!

Clearly I have a goal, but how bad do I really want to get there? Every week, in every podcast I struggle. I like to eat out. I like to drink beer. I like to go out on the can't put my life on a piece of paper and say "STICK TO THIS" but maybe that's the problem. I have a goal, I have a deadline, all I'm lacking is the self-control to do it. Look at all the food I'm able to eat, what's there to complain about? 

For once I want to see what happens if I don't give up.


In this episode I explain how easy meal prepping is and how measuring your food may seem scary at first but really isn't anything to be afraid of! Planning your meals actually makes your life easier and less stressful than starving in front of the refrigerator after a long day at work saying "WTF am I going to eat?" then caving-in and getting a greasy burger. I still struggle like everyone else, diets are hard on the weekends, we just have to dig deep and ask ourselves:

"How BAD do you WANT this?"

Next week we'll talk to my Mama about her journey on this diet and MORE on my podcast AYO Big Girl! Find it on the iHeartRadio app and keep up with my 60 day challenge! The Lunchbox Edition Ep6: Get a TASTE will be posted on Saturday, November 10th!

I'll be posting my PROGRESS PICS on my IG: @AYOBIGGIRL at 6pm tonight!



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