Ask the Attorney with the Law Office Of Robert Salazar

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Ask the Attorney with the Law Office of Robert Salazar 956-682-1017. Robert Salazar was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley with over 35 years of law experience. Together with his daughter and son-in-law, they are here to help you if you ever have a need for an accident injury attorney. Walk in to an inviting Rio Grande Valley based office. Call Robert today if you have any questions. 682-1017.

Robert will have several question and answer sessions with our very own Jay Z. He will answer questions you might have if you have recently had an accident and have questions. What should you do? Who should you talk to? Who SHOULDN'T you talk to? 

Most of your answers can be answered here or leave us a question on our Wild 104 Facebook page.

More episodes to follow so check back.......

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