The Mean Green Juice 20 Day Recap

Food is amazing, until you can't zip your pants! Stepping on the scale and seeing an almost 30lb increase was overwhelming, something had to be done FAST! 

I started The Mean Green 60 Day Challenge, and I'm loving the results!

The Lunchbox Edition Ep. 2: "An Apple A Day" goes into detail about nutrition and overall health with Registered Dietitian Dr. Z! 

I go into detail with the struggles I faced staying on track when the weekend came and being more mindful of how my body feels when I go off track! 

Dr. Krystle Zuniga

I did gain some weight after drinking and eating all weekend long (days 10,11, and 12), but more importantly I lost what I gained plus more. I'm so excited for these next 10 days, my ultimate goal is 135-140, but i'm hoping to break out of the 160's by my next episode!

Be sure to look out for Ep. 3 of The Lunchbox Edition on my iHeartRadio podcast, AYO BIG GIRL October 10!


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