The Mean Green Juice 20 Day Recap

posted by Lauren - 

Food is amazing, until you can't zip your pants! Stepping on the scale and seeing an almost 30lb increase was overwhelming, something had to be done FAST! 

I started The Mean Green 60 Day Challenge, and I'm loving the results!

The Lunchbox Edition Ep. 2: "An Apple A Day" goes into detail about nutrition and overall health with Registered Dietitian Dr. Z! 

I go into detail with the struggles I faced staying on track when the weekend came and being more mindful of how my body feels when I go off track! 

Dr. Krystle Zuniga

I did gain some weight after drinking and eating all weekend long (days 10,11, and 12), but more importantly I lost what I gained plus more. I'm so excited for these next 10 days, my ultimate goal is 135-140, but i'm hoping to break out of the 160's by my next episode!

Be sure to look out for Ep. 3 of The Lunchbox Edition on my iHeartRadio podcast, AYO BIG GIRL October 10!


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