The Mean Green Juice 10 Day Recap!

posted by Lauren - 

Food is amazing, until you can't zip your pants! Stepping on the scale and seeing an almost 30lb increase was overwhelming, something had to be done FAST! I decided to try The Mean Green 60 Day Challenge, and here is how "My First 10 Days" went.


I've worked my A$$ off from weighing 220lbs 2 years ago, dropping 60 lbs and keeping it off for a year felt amazing but slowly my cheat meals turned into days, days to weekends, and weekends to...what diet? Gaining back almost HALF OF WHAT I LOST was enough to open my eyes and say enough is enough! 


Although I've heard every excuse in the book NOT to keep going, I feel amazing! This is only 10 days, I know I'll meet my goal by or before the 60 days are up!  Be sure to follow my day to day journey on instagram @ayobiggirl  and tune in for my next episode: An Apple A Day! 


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