The Mean Green Juice 10 Day Recap!

Food is amazing, until you can't zip your pants! Stepping on the scale and seeing an almost 30lb increase was overwhelming, something had to be done FAST! I decided to try The Mean Green 60 Day Challenge, and here is how "My First 10 Days" went.


I've worked my A$$ off from weighing 220lbs 2 years ago, dropping 60 lbs and keeping it off for a year felt amazing but slowly my cheat meals turned into days, days to weekends, and weekends to...what diet? Gaining back almost HALF OF WHAT I LOST was enough to open my eyes and say enough is enough! 


Although I've heard every excuse in the book NOT to keep going, I feel amazing! This is only 10 days, I know I'll meet my goal by or before the 60 days are up!  Be sure to follow my day to day journey on instagram @ayobiggirl  and tune in for my next episode: An Apple A Day! 


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