VMA's Beef up Security After Nicki Minaj and Safaree Feud

Photo: Getty Images

It's officially been 4 years since rapper Nicki Minaj and reality tv personality, Safaree, have called it quits on their relationship, but the bad blood is still there. 

The ex-couple's recent Twitter feud, which let loose some juicy secrets, has led the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards security to take precaution, TMZ reports.  Both Nicki and Safaree will be doing press on the carpet outside of Radio City Music Hall and at one point or another may be close enough to interact. 

It will be there first time in the same room since Safaree publically accused Nicki of trying to kill him.

The latest issue between the angry ex-couple began when the Barbie Dreams singer stopped by Hot 97 radio station to talk with DJ Flex and resolve their personal beef while also clearing the air on her latest "diss" track. She mentioned that Barbie Dreams is in fact NOT a diss record, but all fun and games with some fellow friends. Nicki then went on to clear up the rumors regarding her ghost writers, whom Safaree has long time claimed to be. 

"You don't know the f*cked up sh*t he did to me. It don't give you a right to lie about someone's craft just because you know that they're a woman and people will believe you. So now years later you want to come back and say 'I lied' after you've tried to tarnish my image. I've gotten over it now because you can go and listen to Queen and hear it for your mothaf*cking self." 

Nicki was not in a friendly mood this day. 

She add: "For one person to do something like this to me out of sheer weakness and passive aggression and just hatefulness and vindictiveness because you got caught sh*tting on a person who was taking care of you for years and years? Because you got caught sh*tting on a person who was taking care of you while you were paying for prostitutes and stealing their credit cards?"

Safaree just could not let Nicki get the last word. He quickly hopped onto Twitter to spill his own tea. 


Safaree talked about the toxicity of their long-term relationship and accused Nicki of cutting him. The TV personality claims to have lied to authorities saying he attempted suicide to avoid Nicki being jailed. 


Nicki was not about to let her ex-boyfriend get away with any supposed lies. She quickly responded by saying that Safaree was indeed stealing her card and that God will strike him down for lying. 


Let's hope these two have a smooth experience at the VMA's this year. For our sake, and theirs! 

Watch Nicki's full interview with DJ Flex below!



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